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Human skin noninvasive ultrasound diagnostics. The questions of noninvasive skin diagnostics and ultrasound skin imaging are discussed here. Also you can find information about equipment and devices for skin imaging and ultrasound skin scanners DUB. Only here extended information about the method of high resolution ultrasound skindiagnostics and interactive library of skin scans. Site for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and doctors working in aesthetic medicine, also others interested in objective skin diagnostics.

History of development of high resolution ultrasound skin imaging systems started at the end of XX century. In 70-80th years talanted German engeneer and inventor Ruediger Scharenberg in cooperation with universties of Berlin and Bochum carried out basic investigations, which showed great possibilities for use of high freequency ultrasound for imaging an diagnostics of superficial human tissues, especially for skin imaging.
As a result of this investigationsin Year 1986 the first ultrasound skin scanner DUB 20 was developed and launched in production chain. This imaging system had high resolution what was inaccessible onother ultrasound diagnostics systems. This first skin ultrasound scanner had possibilities to get informative images of skin and skin structure with high quality.

   Skinscanner DUB 1986

DUB 20 - 1986

Pioneeres investigationsof Ruediger Scharenberg and taberna pro medicum company has got well-earned resonance among professional auditorium of dermatologysts and skin researches in Germany, what was the basis for prolongation of experiments and improvement of next ultrasound skin imaging systems.

   Skinscanner DUB 1987

   Skinscanner DUB

DUB 20 - 1987

DUB 20-Ѡ - 1989

Very fast progress of PC platform at 80-90 of XX century and improvement of softwaremade additional conditions for development and manufacturing of portative and personal systems for high resolution ultrsound skin imaging with digital proceesing of images. Themain results of this evolution period - improvement of images and considerable decrease of costs for system.

   Skinscanner DUB 1990

   Skinscanner DUB 1995

DUB 20-P - 1990

DUB 20-K(E) - 1995

   Skinscanner DUB 1993

DUB 20-S - 1993

Further development of high resolution ultrasound skin imaging system resulted in creation of devices, what worked with 50 MHz, 74 Mhz and even 100 MHz transducers. Axial resolution increased uto 32, 22 and 16 micrometers. In comparison with 22 Mhz systems thisresolution increment, gave us possibility to use ultrasound skin diagnostics for a lot of clinical and scientific purposes. Since year 2001Windows compactible softwarebecame basic system. This software very friendly for users, intuitively clear and has a lot of functions for image analysis.

   Skinscanner DUB 1996

   Skinscanner DUB 1998

DUB 50 - 1996

DUB plus - 1998

   Skinscanner DUB 2000

DUB series - 2000

Modern ultrasound systems Skinscanner DUB as usual has connection with PC through high speed interface USB 2.0, that accelerate data processing and raise system reliability.
Images could be exported in*.TIFF, *.JPEG, *.GIF *.PNG and *.BMP, this function allows exchge by images among doctors, remote councils, electronic libraries, remote education etc. Moder systems are not expensive, what allows to use it like routine methode in Dermatology, Aesthetic medicine, Oncology and other medical and research fields.

    Skinscanner DUB

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